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Apply at the headquarters of the representative body
(See list of missions with consular functions on the electronic portal of consular affairs to know detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving results)

Receiving records
Agency representatives to record it in the Application renunciation granted to the applicant profile reception cards. If the dossier is incomplete, invalid, the representative agency guidance to the applicants added, finishing as prescribed by Vietnam Nationality Law of 2008 and the guiding text.
Verification of documents
Agency representatives perform the verification records for renunciation of nationality Vietnam to examine the legality of the documents in the dossier and the authenticity of the information on the nationality renunciation Vietnam. Agency representatives suggested the competent authorities check, verify if there are unclear, imprecise name, address, family relations, nationality relinquishment purpose Vietnam or other relevant information.
​4.Records classification Agency representatives cataloging the papers included in each profile and classified records exempt personal verification as provided for in Article 30 of the Law on Nationality of Vietnam and dossiers subject needs to verify personal. If the dossier nationality relinquishment Vietnam exempt personal verification, the duration of the guarantee documents for foreign citizenship must remain at least 120 days from the date of receipt of the application; Free event no verification procedures, the time limit personal must remain at least 150 days from the date of receipt of the dossier.
Transfer records
Representative body (through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to the Ministry of Justice proposed text is accompanied by a list of the proposed settlement and applying for renunciation Vietnam. Text suggestions about solving the nationality renunciation profile Vietnam sent to the Ministry of Justice and e-mail address of the Ministry of Justice:
​6. Processing documents
After receiving the written proposal is accompanied by a list of persons proposed settlement and applying for renunciation of Vietnam, the Ministry of Justice recorded in the receiving records and published a list of people to be the proposed settlement of the nationality on the Portal of the Ministry of Justice. Ministry of Justice updated schedule results in settlement documents were published list.
​7.Notification of resultsAgency representatives announced the results in writing to the applicant on the resolution for the renunciation Vietnam


Ingredients Profile ​ ​ ​
Ingredients Profile
​1.An application for renunciation Vietnam
​2.Curriculum vitae
​3.Copy of Passport Vietnam, civil identity card or one of the following other documents evidencing the value nationality Vietnam:
- Birth certificate; Birth certificate case does not clearly show the nationality Vietnam must be accompanied by proof of Vietnam nationality of the parents;
- Decision to citizenship Vietnam, Decision to return nationality Vietnam, Decision recognizing the adoption of foreign children, Decision to foreigners to adopt children as human Vietnam feed.

Written certification or assurance of the competent authority of a foreign country who are doing the procedures of foreign citizenship, unless the law of that country does not provide for the granting of this; Where the renunciation of nationality Vietnam has foreign citizenship shall submit a copy of passport or other identity papers issued by the competent authority of a foreign country to prove the person is a foreign citizen.
Number of records Three (03) item.
Form, declaration form​ ​ ​ ​Documents specified
Name form, declaration form

Renunciation of citizenship Vietnam representative offices in Vietnam abroad

Application for renunciation Vietnam for minors

Application for renunciation Vietnam
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