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​1.Submit Nộp hồ sơ tại bộ phận lãnh sự của cơ quan đại diện Việt Nam ở nước ngoài.
​2.Agency representatives receive dossiers, consider and resolve
Consular officers examine, evaluate the dossiers; Filled profile cases, invalid, consular officers receive dossiers for settlement; profile cases of missing or invalid, the consular officer guidance for applicants remake.
Agency representatives verified (if necessary)
In case you need to verify the representations submitted written requests to verify the competent authorities.
​4.​Return results Get results in consular department of the Vietnam representative offices abroad.

(See the list of Vietnam representative offices in foreign countries for information on address, work schedule to apply and get results).


Ingredients Profile
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Ingredients Profile
​1.Declaration (in the prescribed form):
Form TP / HT-2012-TKDKLVS: declaration of birth registration;
Form TP / HT-2012-TKDKLVKH declaration of re-registration of the marriage;
Form TP / HT-2012-TKDKLVT declaration of re-registration of death.

​2.Presenting copies of civil status documents issued previously valid (if any); the absence of copies of civil status documents must be self-assured about registered but no civil status book store and is responsible for the content reassuring.
​3.Vietnam passport copy or valid substitute papers of the person concerned (for registration of marriage); of the dead (for re-registration of death); of parents of children (for registration of births), enclosed with the original for comparison or a certified copy (in case of sending documents by mail shall submit a certified copy).
​4.The written authorization duly authenticated in case the requested registration of births authorize others to do the procedure.
If an authorized person as grandparents, parents, children, spouses, siblings of a person authorized in writing shall not be authorized but must have proof of the relationship above .

​5.Copy of passport or valid substitute papers of the person authorized to carry out procedures of birth registration (presenting the original for comparison) or certified true copy (in case of sending documents by mail is a certified copy).
Number of records
One (01) item.
Form, declaration form​ ​ ​ ​Name form, declaration formDocuments specified
The declaration form re-registration of marriage TP.HT-2012-TKĐKLVKH.doc

The declaration form of birth registration TP.HT-2012-TKĐKLVS.doc
The declaration form re-registration of death TP.HT-2012-TKĐKLVT.doc

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